‘What’s an Anjan?’ is the world premiere of Anjan Biswas’ stand-up hour.

Anjan Biswas is a comic, writer, and producer who has brought his stand-up act all over the world in venues spanning the U.S., the U.K., and Asia. He has gigged with Comedy Central Asia and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He is the winner of a solo show excellence award at the New York Fringe Festival 2013 and is performing for a limited time only at the Baruch Performing Arts Centre as part of the Solo in the City FringeNY Encore Series.

‘Memorable and insightful… some quite rancid material.’ **** - FRESHAIR, the radio station of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

‘Charming, charismatic and delightful to watch.’ – nytheatre.com

‘Hilarious… endlessly fascinating storytelling.’ – Theatermania.com

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For Industry and Press comps contact Danny at danny.catherine.powell@gmail.com

Urgent: Before reading further, please scroll down and hit play on the song for the full What’s an Anjan? experience.

Dear Bhai/ Babu/ Baby/ netizen,

First off, my apologies for speaking about myself in third person above. That was done by my webdesigner aka my wife (sorry ladies). I kept it because I thought it looked kinda sexytime, and also I get to come off all chill and above it in this paragraph here.

‘What’s an Anjan?’ is my baby, my brainchild, my first ever stand-up hour, and I assure you it’s funny as fuck.

A quick heads up: I’m not for everybody. If you like mild salsa or Justin Bieber, eat tandoori chicken with a fork and knife, slap people on the back a lot, or get uncomfortable when people talk about race, religion, dicks and vaginas, you’re not gonna like me.

If you’re easily offended, homophobic, very racist, not racist enough, extremely old, or extremely young, odds are you won’t like me or your parents won’t let you see me.

On the other hand, If you like borat, Louis C.K., Archer, or South Park, you might like me.

If you like dancing in the elevator, saying shitty things just to say them, cropdusting strangers, having a good go at your ear with a cotton bud, revelling in other people’s awkward situations, or prank phone calls, you’ll definitely like me.

Hang on a minute though

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t come out to see my show if you’re not primed to like me. I have absolutely no standards for my audiences, and I’ll gladly take your money regardless of your age, inclinations, or salsa-preference. That’s just the kind of guy I am: I’m looking out for your best interests and letting you know what’s what ahead of time.

While you’re here, feel free to give my stand-up vids a whirl, comment virulently on my blog and check out my twitter. If you’ve got a question, browse the FAQs first, and then if you’ve still got a question, shoot me an email @ a.biswas.comic@gmail.com.

Looking forward to seeing you at my show. Peace. <3 <3 <3 xoxoxoxo

Anjan Biswas

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